Monday, 28 February 2011

Trip to the doc's!

Well, there we have it - the next installment to my exciting life, my wonderful, eldest son did give me his germs. For free, I hasten to add, officially giving me tonsillitis! Now I know what your all thinking, I should feel grateful that my 14 ur old wants to give me something let alone speak to me but come on!!!!

So, here I am again on antibiotics. I was only on them last week for a gum infection so at any time now I,ll be buzzing and I,m hoping the effect will last for polygyny about an hr!!!

Hi guys!

Hello to everone old and new! How are we all doing today?

Just want you to know that you can use this blog to unburden yourselves with all the mummy feelings that a lot of us never have the chance to talk about - whether it,s about the washing machine breaking down in the middle of a wash or the fit new window cleaner thats suddenly appeared outside your bedroom window!



We will all listen and possibly give you our opinion too!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Well,what a Sunday it,s been! My eldest, who,s 14 , has been ill all through half term with flu and tonsillitis. You can only imagine what an exciting time we,ve had this week! He,s already filled with the joys of spring but add on top of that the heavy weight on illness on his shoulders then, boy, this week just crawled by.

I,ve been very good though, super mummy mode has been in full swing and I can say that I,ve easily outdone myself this time! He,s been waited on hand and foot, tucked up on the settee with the remote control permanently stuck to his hand and the non stop supply of junk food and drinks being plied down his throat. But hey, it doesn't,t stop there, not only did I have to cope with a sicky boy but I also had my 12 year old to entertain as well. I think the xbox360 has been close to overheating quite a few times this week but what do we do, anything for an easy life. We work hard, cleaning, cooking and basically being on call for 24 hrs so I think we mums deserve to cheat once in a while and let them have the chance to do what they want! Well within reason anyway.

So, as I started to say, what a Sunday it,s been. Would you believe it, went to bed last night feeling pretty awful. Aches and pains, shivers and sweats and the sorest throat I have ever had!

Thank you my dearest son for sharing your germs so freely with your mummy. Luv u loads!!!!!