Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hello everyone!

Well it,s been a couple of days since I last wrote on here and would you believe it it,s Thursday already!!! Yeah!
My eldest, you,ll be glad to hear, is back to normal after fully recovering from tonsilitis. I,m really glad because there's nothing worse than your lil darlings worrying you anymore than they already do. He even decided to play for the school in a footie match in which, he tells me very seriously, he even nearly scored!

I,m recovering from my second hand tonsillitis germs and the antibiotics are doing their job - slowly! Much to my husbands annoyance as I cough and splutter and very loudly snore at night ( I don,t usually I,ll have you know) .

But hey, you'll never guess, my youngest (12)woke up this morning with some achy limbs, sore throat and feeling a little bit lousy. But he has gone to school, I am certain that if they feel the need they won,t hesitate to call and bump him home.

So, that's the week up to Thursday, what else will happen - we can only wait and see!!