Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Big fat choccy eggs!

Hi everyone,

Here's hoping that you are all well and have recovered from the Easter School break!! Seems funny now to me that the school breaks don't really effect me and my boys like they used to. Still i suppose that's what comes with having a 18 & 16 year old. One is out to work and the other just asks for money to go out!

One thing that didn't change was the disgusting amount of easter eggs that we seemed to have in our house, ranging from flake to oreo's!! And you know the problem with that, you just seem to get in your head ' if I eat them all then they will be gone'!!!!!

I've started back to swimming again today, feel as thoughi have to do something, especially as i'm facing my second lot of back surgery in september ( forget the fact that we are goingto tunisia in aug)!

Anyhow, feel free to chat to me, love to you all.xx

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