Monday, 7 April 2014

Have a little moan!

Hi guys,

Seems ages since I last typed on here. In actual fact i just haven,t been in the mood. Have any of you felt like that?

World and life just goes by so damn quick, it seems that I hardly stop to think and another week has just flown by.

I think i'll just use this blog to chat to you all about anything and evrything that comes into my head and you guys can use it too. It's always nice to have somewhere that we can go to have a bit of a moan and if that happens to be here then feel free! We all need that bit of release sometimes!!

Just been intouch with the complaints team for the NHS! Have been waiting exactly  1 year for my spinal operation and still no nearer to getting a date, hence why the moan!!!

Come on people....... Moan at me, about anything you like, i'll try and reply to everyone but don't feel alone, share!!

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